Formula 23 - The superior black ink 12oz/355ml

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Lettering PRO BJ Betts & INTENZE Products present:

Formula 23 – the superior black ink!

An unique black ink for lettering tattoos – nothing less, was BJ Betts mission! Together with partner Mario Barth and INTENZE Products they have successfully finalized a development process of 23 iterations and presented the product for the first time in the United States. Formula 23 is the next evolution within the tattoo lettering process. It is a collaboration based on the common need for both innovation and safety in the tattoo industry. As it’s name implies, Formula 23 has gone through 23 iterations in order to create a superior black tattoo ink designed specifically to enhance the artistry of tattoo lettering and that would meet the level of quality expected by both of its creators; BJ Betts and Intenze Products. BJ Betts has been a tattoo artist for over 18 years and draws inspiration from the shapes and flourishes found in everyday life. As tattoo artist and Designer he showed his style tot he international tattoo world and, as well created Designs such as the Burtons „Ride for your Passion“ – or Adidas´ „Muhammad Ali“ campaign. Early in his career he realized that he was specifically drawn to the simple yet complex art form of lettering. An art form that he feels “dissipated over the years” and is just recently being resurrected. Over the years Betts noticed that, of all the black tattoo ink products available, no one product met all the needs of a lettering artist. So he took it upon himself to develop a new and better ink. Once he had a formula that worked and that he would put his name behind, he brought it to Intenze owner Mario Barth, who is known for his consistency in product innovation and constant attention to detail. With Intenze behind the production, Betts knew that each bottle of Formula 23 would contain a superior product. So what makes Formula 23 so superior? First, this is an extremely fast running product. It can keep up with a quick hand without feeling like it’s running out of gas when you’re pulling fast lines. Secondly, it’s an extremely dense black that also breaks down nicely into a perfect gray for any type of shading. Thus making it a superior lettering ink that also performs just as effectively as a standard solid black tattoo ink. Finally, this is an ink that really wipes clean, so stencils won’t be lost and time won’t be wasted removing excess ink. As far as Betts is concerned, this is by far the best ink that he’s ever used. And, it is not just Betts who stands behind this product. Reviews from industry leaders who’ve tested Formula 23 are excellent and the requests are pouring in by artist's such as Tim Hendricks and Shawn Barber to name a few. The initial feedback to Betts by some of the industries best has been comments like “When can I get more?” and “I need a gallon of this.” BJ Betts and Intenze Products are proud to introduce Formula 23, a truly superior black ink.


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